Why you should take SEO seriously – An introduction to SEO

Search engine optimisation can be quickly described as improving your websites indexability and visibility in the search engines, with the underlying aim of increasing the number of targeted visitors to your website, and in turn increasing both your brand or product awareness, sales and lead generation.

There are multiple factors that effect SEO and how your website ranks, these factors – known as a search engines algorithm – allow the search engines like Google to determine how well matched your website is to a users search term. The exact algorithms are completely confidential for obvious reasons, but part of our job is to test and analyse certain practices to help give your website the best chance at being favoured by the engines.

During 2012, on average 11 billion searches per month were made – in the US alone! – With nearly 2/3’s of those searches being made through Google. There are over 121 million active unique websites globally, so you really can’t afford to not be promoting your website in this highly competitive but lucrative market.

I would also like to touch on social media, and emphasize how important it is for you to introduce these market channels into your customer outreach. Here’s one fact that may be an eye opener for some of you, the average person spends 66 hours (not including work) in front of a computer per month, with 7 of those hours purely spent on Facebook. That’s more time spent than Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Wikipedia and Youtube, combined. It really is a powerful tool to not only help craft communities, but to provide a face for the company that is easy to interact with. So the benefits are two fold with social, your creating better relationships and opportunities with your customers, as well as creating ‘social signals’ to the search engines, which will also benefit your ranking.

To summarise, you may be actively trying to enhance the ‘foot flow’ of visitors to your website, but until you take SEO seriously and hire a decent online marketing agency then all that effort and money you have invested into your website, won’t be achieving it’s full potential. And I’m not talking about some ‘SEO guy’ or a web design company that happen to do ‘SEO’ as an additional service, or even your best friend from India, who won’t stop sending you unsolicited emails, those guys really aren’t providing a dedicated service and often don’t fully understand the intricate details of SEO; the industry has evolved a lot more than where it used to be a few years ago, and it really does require a fully focused agency that specialise in online marketing.

If you’re wondering if your current Web/SEO guys are doing a good job, just drop us a message and we’ll be more than happy to take a look and let you know.

Adam founded 3Sixty Search after cutting his teeth from many years in the corporate world winning marketing awards for some of the worlds largest brands. He now spends the majority of his time actively shaping the online landscape of small to medium sized businesses, developing successful, revenue driven online marketing strategies.

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