The Power of Site Links on your Google AdWords Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is a constantly evolving marketing funnel in any online marketers arsenal. Each month Google is developing new ways to increase their coverage, provide the user with an ever better search experience and ensure advertisers keep up with the ever changing landscape in order to provide well performing ads that driver quality, targeted traffic to their websites. One feature that’s been around for some time with Google AdWords, is the Site Link extension.

There are a range of extensions to help enhance your advert – creating not only an Ad that can be much more useful for the user, but also help your Ad gain an edge on the competition by standing out a little more. The Site Link extension, is often a compulsory option we try to include where possible in all our clients adverts, in essence, it allows you to include additional links within your advert, not only does this mean your Ad takes up a little more space on Google’s search results page, but they can be very useful to highlight your best selling products, any promotional offers, such as a ‘sales’ page and it gives your potential visitors/customers a much more detailed picture of what your offering at the very beginning stages of interaction.

Correctly utilised, Site Links will in most cases provide instant results, increasing the amount of quality and targeted traffic to your website. No matter which link is clicked – whether it’s the main headline, or one of the Site Links, you will be charged the same CPC, whether the ad has Site Links or not.

There are many features that you may be missing out on, with your current AdWords campaign, and we highly recommend that you get someone who is a Google Qualified Professional. Not only will they be familiar and up-to-date with all that Google AdWords has to offer, they will be able to manage your account on a day-to-day basis ensuring that you get the best possible return on your investment from your Ad spend.

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