Ten Twitter Tips for Small to Medium Sized Business

In the social world Twitter has established itself as a unique offering, most notably known for its 140 character messaging limit, which lends itself towards a ‘real world’ conversation in the sense of interacting between peers. So whilst using Twitter as a platform to promote your business here are 10 quick fire tips to help you make the most out of your Twitter account:

  1. Tweet often, or rather periodically thought out the day. The short message nature of Twitters make it ideal to tweet often
  2. Follow relevant industry focused topics and keywords utilising online tools like HootSuite (one of my favourite social media managers) to discover conversations you can engage in with potential customers
  3. Use a link shortening service – Hootsuite has this built in – which means you can tweet more words as you’ve saved yourself some characters
  4. Build your Twitter followers by creating engaging pieces of content
  5. Discover when to tweet, using a service like tweroid.com to find out when your messages will have the most effect
  6. Retweeting useful and relevant news articles or things of interest to your followers. Nobody likes to follow someone who’s completely self-promotional – find alternative ways to add value to your followers
  7. Open the doors to your world by tweeting what your company is doing right now. It’s a great way to drum up excitement for a new product launch
  8. Don’t forget to tweet on weekends, this can be the best time to tweet and anywhere from 10am till 2pm is usually the golden spot. You can create ‘scheduled’ messages via Hootsuite to help manage this
  9. Join in on trending conversations by using the # tag. Your messages/tweets will appear in searches for this trend #nicetip
  10. Follow and engage with industry leaders in your niche, by mentioning their Twitter handle you may just get a reply or a retweet

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