So what are my visitors doing?

More often than not, a large section of our clients when they come to us­ are unaware of how their visitors are interacting with their sites, where they are coming from, how long they have visited for and whether they were able to get an answer to their query.  

One of the best resources out there for logging this information, is Google Analytics, it’s a free tool and it’s a hoot to install – just a small snippet of code that needs to be included on every page you wish to track.

Once installed, your able to log a wealth of information, allowing for you to make informed decisions and building strategic action plans around the data and interaction of your users.

With such an overwhelming amount of information to hand, it’s easy to overlook some of the essential key points, but to help guide you, we have formed a list of our favourite reports.

Social Media Traffic
Whether you’re running a linkedin campaign or trying to generate interest via your Facebook channel, without knowing where your leads are being generated from it’s hard to justify a budget for social marketing, but with this download you’ll be able to analyse all the juicy details on which social channels have brought which conversions.

Ecommerce Dashboard
Google Analytics already had an ecommerce section, however, this custom report provides a great and simple way to view various dimensions across your site

Page Performance
Discover your best performing pages as well as any parts of your site that are underperforming, and find out total page views, bounce rates, average time on site for those sections.

Start Bundle
If you’re a little intimidated with all the information, then one of the ‘corner stones’ that we would suggest for you to install is the following ‘starter bundle’ which covers a great range of analytical reports

The above suggestions will provide you with useful reports that will allow for you to get a much better insight and understanding of your website, and help create strategic touch points to allow for you to make data-backed decisions in order to improve the effectiveness of your website.

Adam founded 3Sixty Search after cutting his teeth from many years in the corporate world winning marketing awards for some of the worlds largest brands. He now spends the majority of his time actively shaping the online landscape of small to medium sized businesses, developing successful, revenue driven online marketing strategies.

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