SEO predictions for 2015

Well, with 2014 almost completely behind us we decided to have a little round up of what we feel in 2015 will shape the SEO strategic roadmap. As with the last few years, it has been quite eventful for many reasons, from the Google updates and changes of ‘best practices’, the last few years have required an agile philosophy in order to stay ahead.

It’s for those reasons, that here at 3Sixty Search, we believe that 2015 will be much more of the same, with Google & Co ever trying to enhance and improve the end users experience by delivering search results that fulfil a user’s search requirements.

The hard part is obviously uncovering those changes and predicting exactly what will happen, we can only look at the past, to help see trends for the future. One thing is for sure, no matter how the industry evolves we’ll always be up-to-date and reacting to any changes, ensuring that we’re always improving and delivering value and better results to our customers.

So with that said, here are a few of our predictions for the future of SEO in 2015.

More penalties and updates.
No surprise for this one, as Google evolves and improves the way it crawls the web and ranks websites. Keeping up-to-date can be challenging, so it’s absolutely paramount that the industry provide future proofed methods in order to achieve rankings.

In 2015, things will be different, yet more of the same. Search engines will continue to index the web and rank websites for a number of factors, but we’ll see more of a shift towards user engagement, specifically, indicators that suggest to Google that sites are offering useful and relevant information with a good user experience.

More emphasis on technical SEO
It’s a given and has been important since the days of SEO, SEO isn’t just about content, but also about providing users with a good experience, to ensure this, technically sound websites that are optimised for Googlebot, etc, will benefit greatly. A simple ‘disallow’ in your robots.txt file or meta tags can make a huge impact between ranking and having zero visibility in the search results. A quick fix to resolve, but a full website audit ensures that there are no aspects of your website that are holding back its ranking performance. A number of years ago, page speed became an important factor for ranking, and is ever more important with the introduction of mobile, streamlined and efficient websites rank better. Ensuring that your website is optimised and technically sound will signal to Google and other search engines a higher quality of engagement on your site.

Link building
This isn’t going to disappear, even Matt Cutts (though still on a ‘break’), mentioned that they had tried an alternative version of search excluding links as a factor from the algorithm, but found that the results were far worse. This really is wedged heavily into the core indicators of Google’s search engine, but as the quality threshold increases, it’s essential to ensure that all link building activities are compliant with Google’s guidelines. We predict a shift within citations that will tighten up the quality of local listings.

Conversions and user engagement
There’s one clear vision from camp Google, and that’s to ensure that their users search requirements are being fulfilled, with their ever expanding portfolio of analytical software, browsers such as Chrome and Android, one of the webs largest advertising platforms, they can see all types of signals and have a wealth of data from these assets to value whether a user’s search query has been answered. Here at 3Sixty Search, we’re very confident that these signals, such as goal completitions (enquiries/purchases/calls) will have more emphasis on your rankings.

Structured data
Throughout 2014, schema mark-ups and structured data has been an important feature, with Schema v2.0 due for launch in the first quarter of 2015 with new features and improvements, we will see the introduction of further industry specific mark ups to allow for a better overall experience in search. Capitalising on these updates, will help create more visual real-estate with the SERP’s and help to increase your click through rates.

Let’s wait and see
As with all prediction type posts, this is only what we’re anticipating to happen in the new year, there is certainly plenty more that we’re keeping a close eye on that we’ve not mention in this post, but no doubt, this time next year, we’ll be revisiting this post to see how close we have been.

We hope you all have a fantastic New Year and wishing you all the very best for 2015.

Adam founded 3Sixty Search after cutting his teeth from many years in the corporate world winning marketing awards for some of the worlds largest brands. He now spends the majority of his time actively shaping the online landscape of small to medium sized businesses, developing successful, revenue driven online marketing strategies.

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