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Yep, we’ve been lucky enough to take on a client a couple of months ago that works in the dental industry. Within the Staffordshire district. We’re not going to go into detail of who this client is, as we like to keep our ‘client list’ anonymous for several reasons.

However, to give you some background I’ll explain this. Two years ago, we’ll call them ‘Dental dreams’ was established, a new practice was acquired and set up, all corporate stationary such as business cards, letter heads, posters and a shop sign and they decided that they also needed a web presence, so the owner approached a family friend who worked in the ‘web’ industry who had a ‘web guy’ working for him.

The gist of it is, that ‘web guy’ created a mediocre unfinished website and then used very questionable tactics to try and get the website ranking, a lot of keyword stuffing, footer linking and all the tell tale signs of ‘tricks’ that you really shouldn’t be doing. If your creating a website for your business, then you have to think long term and as Google’s SPAM team get better and better at separating the wheat from the chaff, if your ‘SEO team’ have used any non ethical tactics, you’ll be walking across some very thin ice, and eventually, Google will find you. And they will drop your website from all search results.

So anyway, 2 years went by and an awful lot of money exchanged hands with their family friend. As time went on, frustration grew larger and ‘Dental dreams’ eventually decided to make the break and prospect for some new SEO agencies, as they were just not seeing the traffic that you would expect after enlisting an ‘SEO guy’ to optimise and market your website.

So eventually I had an email from ‘Dental dreams’ enquiring about the services we offer. A few weeks went by and in that time we had prepared a full site audit as well as analyses of the market they were in. The site results were horrific.

The audit revealed that the site had over 600 dead internal links, these were links that Google would have discovered and thought that this site was poorly built and thus, downgraded it’s rank. Title tags were none-optimised and there hadn’t been a thought towards any keyword research. Within the site there were footer links, that were heavily overused and stuffed with keywords to try and fool Google in to believing that these anchor text hyper-links were actually to quality pieces of content about the subject. But they weren’t, and the site didn’t rank at all, not even for it’s own brand name.

There were so many out of date, ill implemented and awful attempts at search engine marketing on the site that I decided on something very difficult, as it was going to make my life harder. I decided to drop the domain and start a fresh. Now this brings a few benefits and some negatives. On the positive side, it meant that we didn’t have any of the residue unethical link building tactics that had been employed previously, so any carry over wouldn’t effect our new domain. Unfortunately this means, starting with a young and new domain, Google doesn’t give too much authority too.

With the new campaign we engaged with some partners of ours (Solitary Goat) to spec out and design a new website, focusing on content and user experience.

During the time the site was getting developed we started our keyword research and competitor analysis, discovering what keywords were best for the site and which were of no use. We created a  ‘hitlist’ and were able to predict search volumes. The owner of ‘Dental Dreams’ was very happy with the progress and the predictions we were able to give him.

Once the site was complete, we began our second phase of implementing our SEO research by tweaking page titles and looking at the internal linking structure – one of the great things about working along side an experienced and decent web development team (Solitary Goat) is that they make our job very easy, in the sense that page structures were perfect and the way the site had been built (under our supervision) allowed for quick and easy implementation of title tags and internal linking structures. Once the site was ready to be pushed live we launched a small press release to try and get some attention to the new website – which worked as we had planned and was picked up by Yahoo! news and generated several thousand links naturally, all within the first few days.

This was great progress and after a few weeks we took a look at the stats to analyse how the site was performing. Speed was good, bounce rates was good, time on site was good but visitors were no where to be seen. We needed more visitors.

So this is where our third phase comes into play. We created a complete social presence for ‘Dental dreams’, running campaigns to help create awareness amongst a focused and targeted ‘visitor’ type. As ‘Dental dreams’ is mostly aimed at adults between 20-60 we made sure to only focus on people in that age group as well as within their local vicinity. This allowed us to create an online community for ‘dental dreams’, engaging with potential customers and pushing ‘dental dreams’ to the forefront of peoples minds. They became thought leaders and are seen as ‘the experts’.

Whilst creating the practices social presence we also engaged in our link building campaign. Unfortunately, I’m unable to reveal any detail here as it’s one of our core ‘secret sauce’ ingredients and only our clients are made aware of our strategies. But suffice to say, within 2 months we managed to get the new site a Google PageRank of 3, the site fully indexed and ranking for over 70 search terms on keywords we selected. 10 of those keywords are ranking at number one for a very competitive search term amongst some very established and well optimised websites.

We even managed to push our site above one of Google’s own products ‘Google local’ which can be a tricky feat in itself as Google likes to give preference to it’s own products. This was for the search term ‘Cosmetic dentist + location’ – we can’t say the location as it would reveal our client.

The journey continues, and as time goes on and the website generates more and more authority we’ll see more rankings, more traffic, and more revenue for the practice. To date we have increased search traffic by over 800% from their previous website and our client couldn’t be happier.

If you would like to see your site get similar results, please feel free to drop us a message and we’ll be happy to give you a no obligation free website health check.


Adam founded 3Sixty Search after cutting his teeth from many years in the corporate world winning marketing awards for some of the worlds largest brands. He now spends the majority of his time actively shaping the online landscape of small to medium sized businesses, developing successful, revenue driven online marketing strategies.

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