Our list of 5 tools to help optimise your website

Having traffic to your website is important, but to ensure your online opportunity is maximised you need the best set of tools out there in order to make sure that your are squeezing every possibility to turn that visitor into a customer. Here at 3Sixty Search we utalise a multitude of conversion optimisation tools, that form a basis of our day-to-day work on CRO.

To give you a little insight I have put together our current tools. I have detailed a breakdown on each tools features and benefits for your easy reading.

Technical diagnostic
These tools are designed to see how your pages perform on different platforms and browsers to ensure you are maximising your conversion rates. There are considerable extensive aspects to this process and just one blip on your website can result in the decline on your conversion rates. These tools are extremely helpful when you need to resolve technical issues on your pages.

We recommend – Google PageSpeed Insights
I cannot reiterate how beneficial this tool is when wanting to convert your users and also rank on google. Any website errors can make an impact on your google rankings therefore ensuring your site is working from a user prospective is essential when making your site appear higher in organic search results. You will also need to ensure you check the mobile tabs as this form of browsing is becoming more and more popular in today’s digital world.

Testing tools
The most popular conversion rate optimisation analysis is A/B testing. The market for this testing has not really changed over the last few years, an obvious option is Google free content experiments and there have been only two alternative testing platforms which populate the market. Here at 3SS we are yet to find a platform which can challenge optimizley or VWO in terms of professional accuracy and usability.

We recommend – Visual Website Optimizer
In all honesty both tools have great features and benefits so I would say it depends on each individual. I would recommend reading some threads on each platform and deciding for yourself. Personally at 3SS we have grown to like VWO and our team like being able to edit the CSS across multiple pages via a filter.

User Behaviour analysis
This is a must in ensuring your user traffic converts this tool gives you the insight you need to see how users are really using your website. These type of tools allow quantity and quality analysis. Each tool varies however the majority will provide scroll heatmaps and click and mouse movement analysis. If this isn’t enough some tools will also provide session recording from your site. These user behaviour tools give a great insight on how users are using your site and whether there are any changes you can implement to improve user conversions.

We recommend – Hotjar
We like this tool for a number of reasons, it has great usability and excellent features in comparison to alternative popular tools in the same category. This instinctive tool allows recordings and analysis in the sessions that are curious about. Another distinctive attribute is it’s built in segmentation feature for devices on all heatmaps. 3SS believe Hotjar is the best tool out there to analyse you’re your online stats to ensure you maximise your web conversions.

User Interaction
This tool allows you to interact with your browsers giving you an opportunity to increase your conversion rates. These platforms allow you to interact with your user base and provide real time technical support and customer service leading to sales.

We recommend – Zopim
I really love the usability of Zopim it has a cool easy to use interface in comparison to others we have trialled. It is easy to install and once live on your site your browsers can speak to you instantly alternatively if you are offline they can leave you a message. This all results in generating warm leads and converting your users, what more could you want from an online chat tool.

Custom Marketing Messages
3SS have come across so many different tools in today’s market place to help you communicate a message across to your browser. These can increase your conversion rates and can be actioned in a variety of ways for instance popups or widgets. A few of these platforms allow you to personalize messages and actions which leads into increased improvements. The one key warning about using this platform is do not spam your users we have all seen it out there which results in us quickly exiting certain sites. You want to increase your conversion rates not find yourself radically decreasing them so be careful when implementing these tools.

We recommend – Banana Splash
At 3SS our favourite feature of Banana-splash is that you can relay a personalised emotional message. The platform lets you use and test A/B smart mobile layers resulting in offering your browser a personalised message such as a coupon, call now, send a message along with many others. When used cleverly this platform can massively increase your conversion rates.

Charlotte heads up business development and ensures 3SS continues to grow and evolve customer relations. Not one to shy away from the digital world, Charlotte's armed with a wealth of knowledge in conversion optimisation and digital marketing techniques to help grow your online business.

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