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So some of the more savvy readers of this blog may be familiar with Google’s algorithm and some of the headline grabbing updates that have rolled out over the years. Term’s such as “Panda” and “Penguin” have caused countless days of stress and anxiety amongst the SEO community – mainly towards those that practice in questionable tactics.

So the drum has been beating for some time now over at the Google camp and Matt Cutt’s has been doing he’s best to heighten the anticipation of this new release, and as of yesterday, the very latest Google update went live – the effects of which are being felt across the SEO community, but perhaps not in the same devastating form as has been previously noted.

So what does this mean for you? well if you’ve been unfortunate enough to engage with an SEO company that have taken short cuts on the SEO development of your website, it could mean that your site has dropped from it’s previous rankings due to this new update, which is Google’s attempt at trying to remove the “spam” from their search results. Not that your website is spam, but if your SEO agency have used bad tactics in acquiring links to boost your sites popularity, then Google will, or shortly to put it simply, remove your rankings.

If your wondering if your site has been hit by a Google penalty, or where your rankings have suddenly gone, then please feel free to drop us a message. We’ll be more than happy to run an SEO audit health check on your site and let you know what needs to be improved/fixed.

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