Dental marketing: the SEO way

Dental marketing, and to focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a hot topic for dental professionals wishing to get the edge over their competition and claim those top ranks on Google organic search and local. Unfortunately, what some of those dentists don’t realise is that in order to rank well, your website needs to be optimised for those search terms. As you may have read in our ‘SEO for Dentists’ post, we’ve had some great success in the dental field, marketing websites for both local and national searches.

Recently we’ve had the pleasure to take on a new client that believed they were getting great rankings, and to some extent this was true (even if you remove the Google ‘personalisation’ from the equation), but unfortunately they were not bringing in the traffic that was required to sustain that monthly cost. They’re previous SEO company had done a genuinely awful attempt at keyword research and discovery. This is such an important part of the whole process and one that we don’t quickly skim over. This ensures that when we set out on a new campaign, we have an indication of search volumes, competitiveness and a good understanding of how to obtain high rankings for those terms.

After we conducted some initial research for the dental practice, we discovered that out of the 20 or so keywords that they were ranking in the top ranks on Google for, the combined total of monthly visitors were bringing in less than 10 visits per month. That’s some pretty bad statistics, and really doesn’t give a return on investment on the cost of hiring the SEO company.

I’m not suggesting that you attempt to secure a number one placing on Google for ‘Manchester dentist’ if your based in Shenstone, but also ranking for ‘Staffordshire dentist’ brings in such a low volume of visitors that you need to be much more thorough with your research to discover those terms that people are searching for, to both reach out to those potential customers and hopefully convert.

I guess at the core of this post, I want to highlight to all those dental professionals that may be reading this, that though you may be ranking for a selection of keywords and believe your SEO company are doing a good job, are you getting the traffic and conversion rates that you need in order to sustain and justify the cost of outsourcing your SEO campaign? If the answers no, then please feel free to drop us a message to see how we can increase revenue growth from your online portal.

Adam founded 3Sixty Search after cutting his teeth from many years in the corporate world winning marketing awards for some of the worlds largest brands. He now spends the majority of his time actively shaping the online landscape of small to medium sized businesses, developing successful, revenue driven online marketing strategies.

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